About Ken’s Campaign

Clackamas County Commissioner Ken Humberston give details as to why he is running for re-election in 2020.

Thank you to our Emergency Workers

Clackamas County Commissioner Ken Humberston Expressing his Thank You’s to Emergency workers such as Police, Fire, Medical, and 911 of Clackamas County. He hopes that you all will say Thank You them as you see them.

Get the latest from Ken about Covid-19

Clackamas County Commissioner Ken Humberston Gives good informations on what to be doing during this Outbreak of Covid-19.

League of Women Voters

Tualatin Valley Community Television and the League of Women Voters of Oregon have collaborated again this fall on the Video Voters’ Guide focusing on State, Local and Federal candidates running for offices in the Washington County, Lake Oswego, West Linn and Rivergrove areas.

Interview with Don Baham

Host interviews guest about his candidacy for public office, why he thinks he would be an asset in helping to solve problems of governance, and how he would go about doing that in a more constructive manner than previous commissioners have.

Let's Talk Ethics!

In this video, Ken discusses the importance of ethics to his work as County Commissioner.

Let's Talk Budget!

In this video, Ken discusses the importance of balancing the budget in our government.

Let's Talk Broadband!

In this video, you’ll get ‘up to speed’ about the work that Ken is doing to increase internet access in Clackamas County.

Let's Talk Cross-Laminated Timber!

In this video, you’ll learn about how Ken has supported the use of this economically and environmentally sustainable resource in Clackamas County!