That Was the Week that Was

It’s TW3 time- Last Sunday Commissioner Bernard, Sheriff Roberts and I met with neighborhood leaders in Canby for a Q&A about Clackamas County issues. We covered homelessness, the transition center, vets, CLT, ISP, LBA, and other topics.

Monday the county commissioners all went to the Grande Ronde and met with the tribal leaders. This is the second time we have met with the tribe. As best I can tell, these two meetings are the first in history between Clackamas County leaders and tribal leaders. it’s about time we developed a working and friendship based partnership. !! That evening we joined the county Planning commission for a working dinner.

On Tuesday I met with Simon Fulford, the director of Parrot Creek. That was followed by a , work session- Metro presentation on the regional investment strategy- housing, parks and roads- At lunch I attended the Local Public Safety Commission meeting. That was followed by a state building code update, Housing development legislation and a 5 year long range planning Capital improvement update for roads. Approx 83 million has been id’d for road improvements, not including VRF plans. The citizens committee on the VRF has been meeting and working on that. That evening I attended the Jennings Lodge CPO History Detectives celebration of the installation of the historical marker at Jennings Av. and Morse streets. A history event followed!

On Wednesday the day started with an Econ. Dev. meeting at 7:30 am. That was followed by a CLT update, short term rental discussions, the Annual Harvesting Hope luncheon and a tour of the new Park in Jennings Lodge at the Boardman wetlands.

Thursday we had a regular business meeting. We thanked Eric Hofeld for his many years of volunteer service to the county. That evening I attended the Parrot Creek Thank you event.Friday was a campaign day and a movie w/ Grace! Rambo- a little escapism was in order! Tonight we will attend the 1000 friends gala and fund -raiser.

That’s it for this week, Ken