That Was the Week that Was

Monday was a light day with one evening meeting at the Sunnyside CPO. I was asked to present info and discuss the new court house, why it is needed and how we might finance it. Good discussion and questions. Tuesday I attended the public employee diversity conference. It was informative and encourages my recommitment to quite, Diversity and Inclusion in both our work force in Clackamas County and towards our citizens as we move forward. That was followed by our regular work session and a Joint meeting that evening with the Milwaukie city council to discuss the Hillside manor plans. I then ran over to Wilsonville for a constituent meeting.

Wednesday I attended the Clackamas County Business Alliance breakfast. The presentation was on economic indicators going forward and employment numbers. I then toured several county parks and looked at improvements and plans for the future of our parks. That afternoon I attended the award ceremony for Sheriff deputy Stinson. His work helped stop a mass shooting at a college. We are lucky to have men like this serving us. That evening I attended the North Clackamas County Parks advisory board meeting. I am hopeful that they will work through some differences they have and move the parks forward. I then met with the Clackamas County Peace Officers Association – sheriffs- I want to thank them for their endorsement of my reelection Campaign. As a former law enforcement professional I appreciate their support.

Thursday started with a meeting with the county General manager. We covered our ongoing commitment to Equity, Diversity and inclusion, as well as CLT, ISP, an Lan Bank Authority. That was followed by our regular business meeting-we convened as the Board of Health, Housing Authority and as the County Commission. Very diverse agenda! At noon I joined the local Kiwanis Club and made a presentation on the CourtHouse. That afternoon I attended the Fair Board Meeting. They have completed their Master Plan and an audit of the Fair financial procedures. They are truly doing a great job moving the event center forward!!Friday I attended the North Clackamas Chamber A.M. event and then attended the grand opening of the new addition to Dejardin Hall Science center. As a tax payer, I am impressed with the work done and the future of the college in its service to our youth. Well worth the cost!!

On Saturday I went back to the college for the Veterans ” stand down” – a gathering of many of the public and private service groups that are helping veterans in Clackamas County and across the region. OORAH_ SEMPER FI! Tonight I will enjoy attending the annual Roosevelt dinner. That’s the end of another busy week.

Thank you all for your support, Ken