Where I Stand

It was almost four years ago now when I decided to run for Clackamas County Commissioner. There were a variety of issues that needed to be addressed at the time, and I will discuss them in a future post. However, I want to start with the commitment I made to you, the voters, back then.     

My watchwords were:

  • Cooperation
  • Communication
  • Common Sense.

Our slogan was: “Governments that don’t work together, don’t work.” I believe I have honored those words!!! I have worked hard to re-establish good working relationships with local governments and community groups. I regularly attend CPO, Hamlet, Grange and Chamber meetings around the county to hear your voices and share ideas.

“Governments that don’t work together,
don’t work.”

Ken Humberston, 2016 campaign

We now have  positive working relationships with Metro, the state and our federal contingent. This has brought dollars and jobs to our county in many ways.

I believe our local communities now know that there is a county commission and commissioner that works for them, as it should be. We have not always gotten 100% of everything we want for you or the county, but we have certainly made it better.

There is, as always in politics, more work to do. Today I recommit myself to you and the values above — Cooperation, Communication and Common sense — and to working together to make the next four years better than the last. This job/position I occupy does not belong to me, it belongs to you. I am asking you to allow me to do it for another four years.

I won’t let you down.