That Was The Week That Was

TW3- it’s been a hectic week as you might imagine though we were able to return home quickly after an unnecessary evacuation. After visiting evacuee shelters and the fire camp at CCC and hearing all the reports from the firefighters and law enforcement teams I realize how lucky Grace and I were. Many of our Clackamas neighbors were not so lucky. Homes were lost in some of our communities and some were burglarized . We all need to be ready to help our neighbors get back on their feet. So when the call goes out to donate for their recovery be ready with what ever you can do. I also want to recognize the hard work of folks in Molalla that worked with their own equipment to save homes in their community. Without them the loss would have been greater.
On a related note I want to recognize county support staff. We all know of the incredible work of our fire fighters but there are many behind the scenes that support them. CCOM (911) had to evacuate from Oregon city and re- deploy to Washington county and Lake Oswego to keep communications up and running. They had to do this and keep operating at the same time. Some of those folks did 30 plus hour shifts. Other staff did repeated 12 hours on 4 off for days to keep equipment and vehicles running. Others spent many hours getting food to evacuees or providing mental health support to those who were severely stressed.
Then there was the incredible out pouring of support from citizens for the firemen and evacuees- people from all over driving up to Fire camps and dropping off food and sundries. Also going to sites like the Elks lodge and the Town center with supplies. I want to acknowledge the EOC team. They have been operational since February due to Covid. They have been staffed by county employees pulled in from many different divisions of county operations and been operating 24 hours day since that time working to save lives and keep people safe and healthy. To date they are still on the the job.
Lastly, our thanks goes out to our law enforcement team and the numerous agencies from around the region who helped patrol and arrest criminals that were preying on evacuees homes. Police from our cities, OSP, police and sheriffs from Multnomah to name a few and the 12 fire strike teams from all over the state who came to help Clackamas County in our time of need.
Under the category of”business as usual” we had meetings covering the following : Association of Oregon Counties- I zoomed vets committee and public safety.
We had our regular exec session, housing update, C800 update, land use hearing, and numerous briefings on the status of the fires and covid. I also attended the Forest advisory board meeting, union Presidents meeting and delivered food boxes out to the senior center in Hoodland.
Thank you to all the people of Clackamas County who pulled together to help!!!!!
Ken Humberston
Clackamas County Commissioner