International Union of Operating Engineers/Local 701 (see testimonial letter)

Kathleen Taylor, State Representative House District 41, Candidate for State Senate District 21

“Ken Humberston is the best choice for the Clackamas County Commission. He has a proven track record of dedication to this community and commitment to finding solutions. Ken will be an effective leader, the kind of leader that Clackamas County deserves.”

Ann Lininger, State Representative House District 38

“Ken will work hard to keep our community safe, help vulnerable families, and protect important natural areas. He will make a great Clackamas County Commissioner.”

Jeff Anderson Sec/Treasurer, UFCW 555

“Working families need a champion. Ken will fight for us.”

Reprinted from a letter to the editor:

County commission needs accountability

“… The vital local election vote is the one for two Clackamas County commissioners — the Chair and Position 4. Incumbents John Ludlow and Tootie Smith have ignored voters’ opposition to development south of the Willamette, and other Rural Reserve areas of the County, and strikingly they have ignored the views of the county’s mayors. They push through their own agendas regardless. We need accountability. Time for a change! We need to elect experienced Commissioner Jim Bernard as chair instead of Ludlow and the very capable and energetic Ken Humberston as Tootie Smith’s replacement.”  — Tony Holt, Wilsonville

Reprinted from a letter to the editor:

Don’t let Valley become L.A.

“I don’t know why anyone in Wilsonville should be surprised by John Ludlow’s support of Maletis brothers’ development of Langdon Farms — he has never been for the livability of Wilsonville’s residents. He was not for the city parks that you and your children now enjoy, as he and his developer backers wanted Memorial Park for the Nike world headquarters and saw the other parks as just more development potential. If Ludlow and Tootie Smith have their way, we’ll join Houston, Los Angeles and ‘you name it city’ with no buffer between cities and no Oregon farmland left to feed our children and grandchildren. The loss of the Willamette Valley’s ‘world class’ farmland will require bringing all our food stuff up I-5, hence more pollution, not to mention congestion that we can’t build out of as the above mentioned cities have experienced.I urge each of you to vote for Ken Humberston and Jim Barnard, who will work to protect the Willamette Valley and Oregon’s livability. After all, isn’t this why you moved here in the first place?” — Jim Farrell, West Linn

Reprinted from a letter to the editor:

Let’s resist urban sprawl

“While growing up in the ‘60s in the Tacoma/Seattle area I remember the wide-open spaces between two cities. Now from the far north side of Seattle to the south side of Tacoma those open spaces are all paved over with miles of sprawling urbanization. Luckily, Oregon had great foresighted leaders like Governor Tom McCall, who gave us public beaches, the bottle bill, a clean Willamette River and a wise statewide land use bill introducing urban growth boundaries.

“Let’s keep on developing our metro area in an orderly way and keep the beauty of our open natural areas and agricultural lands intact as long as possible. Let’s not go down the road of urban sprawl. We’re Oregonians. We do things different here. Let’s not destroy Tom McCall’s legacy and gift to us. Quick land speculation should not be more important than the public good.

“That is why we need to vote for JIM BERNARD, Clackamas County Chair, and KEN HUMBERSTON, Clackamas County Commissioner #4.” — Klaus Gibson, Wilsonville

Terry Gibson

“Ken Humberston for Commissioner seat 4 is the most hopeful development in the Clackamas County political scene to come along in many election cycles. Ken has experience from the ground up and the temperament required to solve problems instead of blaming others for them. If you want Clackamas County to prosper than vote for Ken. He will do the hard work necessary to make our future better.”

Benjamin D. Williams, President, Friends of French Prairie

“Ken has the background and experience to do a great job as Clackamas County Commissioner, especially after four years characterized by little if any transparency or public accountability. He listens to the citizens, is a man of his word, cares about jobs and people and understands that the county is part of Metro, and that partnering is more productive than doing battle. Importantly, he fully understands how large an economic sector agriculture is in Clackamas County and across the state, and that protecting farmland is key to promoting ag! His experience on the Water Board proves that he knows how to build consensus and to move government agencies in the direction of positive outcomes that benefit all.”

Christine Roth, Commissioner Rivergrove Water District

“Ken Humberston is the leader Clackamas County urgently needs now. His experience at building coalitions and solving difficult problems in a cooperative way are a great fit for the county in a time that’s exactly what we need. His experience at governance, law enforcement, resource issues, and planning are far above any other candidate’s experience. And, above all he is a great listener. He hears what you tell him and can work to implement great ideas.

Vote Ken Humberston for County Commissioner Position #4″

Peter Toll

“We need Ken as our commissioner. Unlike the incumbent, he is positive, thoughtful and hard working.

Dennis Ghelfi – US Forest Service, Retired

“Ken Humberston has shown more interest in what is important to us here on the mountain than almost any sitting commissioner. He will make sure we have a voice at the county and on the board.”

Shirley Woods

“Shirley Woods unanimously endorses Ken Humberston for Clackamas County Commissioner position 4. I believe Ken will provide the right focus on those issues I and other Oregonians care about. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

• Affordable Housing for those in need
• Minimum Living Wage
• Improvements in our county roads which are in need of upgrading”

Aaron Woods

“Aaron Woods unanimously endorses Ken Humberston for Clackamas County Commissioner – #4. I believe Ken will provide the right focus on those issues I and many Oregonian care about including:

· Jobs with living wages for veterans and
· Improvements in our county roads which are in need of upgrading
· Supporting various STEM and Apprenticeship programs in conjunction with unions and businesses”

William B. Gifford

“Ken Humberston is an honorable man with a history of solid leadership skills, involvement in his community,and a vision for a better Clackamas county. He deserves our support.”