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Letter of Recommendation from Don Krupp, Retired Clackamas County Administrator

“Ken Humberston is an innovative and creative county commissioner. He actively works on tough issues and seeks to gather information to solve problems. He takes the time to understand all sides, gather background and factual data and work together with all parties to seek solutions. He has been a strong supporter of safety and environmental issues along the Willamette River facing Clackamas County residents. He attended a day long work session at Oregon State University, gathering data from wave energy scientists to better understand recreational issues on the river that are damaging property and threatening sensitive environmental habitat. Ken is the kind of commissioner we need to fight for protection of the Willamette River in Clackamas County. We strongly endorse him.”

Darby Collins, Willamette Greenway Alliance President

“As a citizen activist I’ve been involved in Clackamas County affairs for many years. I’ve had personal contact with every Clackamas County Commissioner for nearly 3 decades. I was chief petitioner for the formation of The Stafford Hamlet (2006). Commissioner Humberston’s unflinching support and advocacy for this rural communities vision and values has been greatly appreciated by myself and my community. Ken has demonstrated time and time again that he is truly dedicated to helping communities develop, define and defend their own identities and visions.”

Dave Adams

“A VOTE for Ken Humberston is a vote for a better Clackamas County! As Chair of the Rhododendron Community Planning Organization (RCPO) since 2012, I have had numerous dealings with various Boards of County Commissioners who have served Clackamas County. I have witnessed several Board changes over the years, with some good and some not so good. When Commissioner Ken Humberston was elected to the BCC, he made a commitment to listen to and advocate for rural Clackamas County. The Hoodland area, including Rhododendron, couldn’t be more rural and Commissioner Humberston was true to his word. Since being elected, Commissioner Humberston has attended a majority of the RCPO bimonthly meetings and he has conducted quarterly “Town Hall” type meetings in the Hoodland area to listen to the concerns of the area citizens. The great thing about Commissioner Humberston though is that he not only listens to citizen concerns, he hears them and gets answers. Sometimes the answers are not what we want to hear, but at least he gets answers and with that information changes for the better can be initiated. But his commitment to support rural areas is not only confined to the Hoodland area. Commissioner Humberston along with the other current Board of County Commissioners have advocated for and supported a number of rural initiatives throughout the county that have made Clackamas County a better place in which to live, work, and play. From the celebrated solution to the Stafford issues to the support of several CPO boundary changes, and numerous policy decisions in between, the current make-up of the BCC is without doubt the most effective Board of County Commissioners Clackamas County has seen in years. I urge all Clackamas County voters to vote for the re-election of Commissioner Kenneth Humberston, because a vote for Ken Humberston is a vote for a better Clackamas County.”

Steven G. Graeper, Rhododendron CPO Chair

*This is a personal endorsement and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the collective Rhododendron CPO.

“I have talked with Ken Humberston on many occasions about local and neighborhood issues. I have always found him to be concerned and willing to help. He truly cares about the citizens he represents. He is dedicated to his oath of office and he has my total support.”

Ginny Van Loo

“Vote for Ken Humbertson in 2020 for a second term as a Clackamas County Commissioner. Ken has worked as a teacher, in law enforcement and as a firefighter. He has been energetic in the support of the developing cross laminated timber industry in the county. Ken has worked to provide for Clackamas County veterans to address those veterans with additions and post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). Ken has worked to provide high speed internet to those Clackamas County areas that do not have access to high speed internet. Ken has worked to make sure the County will be ready when, not if, the County is confronted with the next natural disaster. Ken has worked to make sure every resident is treated with dignity and respect. Do I agree with Ken on every issue? I do not. But, he has earned my vote for a second term.”

Jeff Gudman, Lake Oswego City Councilor 2011 – 2018