Onward Oregon Endorses Ken

As the election draws near, we are looking at the people who will be representing us in Clackamas County- where they stand on various issues and how qualified they are. We believe we should support those candidates that support us and our values. One such candidate is Ken Humberston, Candidate for Clackamas County Commissioner, position #4. Of ten original candidates for county commissioner, Ken is the only one to support Measure 97. He took this position knowing full well the cost to his campaign from the wealthy interests opposing it.

Ken has the support of working men and women throughout the region, from law enforcement, firefighters and the trades. He has the support of the minority community, LGBTQ community and our local farmers. The breadth of his support demonstrates his commitment to progressive values and the ability to reach out to others and find common ground.

Ken has the most experience in local government of anyone in local politics. He has served on planning boards, fire boards, school boards, museum boards, economic development boards, water boards, as a city councilor and as a mayor. This breadth of experience gives him a real understanding of local issues and local government.
He is a former Marine, retired law enforcement, and has been a firefighter, school teacher, real estate professional, carpenter and sales associate. He, like us, knows the value of hard work, commitment and keeping true to his values. Even those who have not endorsed him have said he is highly qualified and is one who will remain true to his democratic values.

We are proud to endorse Ken for Clackamas County Commissioner, Position #4 on Nov. 8th.

To learn more about Ken and where he stands on other issues please go to www.votekenh4ccc.com.

The Team from Onward Oregon