An Independent Voice

As we all know in politics, parties have an important role to play in elections. Unfortunately, a party can sometimes be a hindrance to getting things done. That is NOT what voters expect nor what they should get. Voters expect us to work together to solve the problems of our communities, reach out to the opposition, fellow elected officials and others, in good faith, to negotiate solutions not make the problems worse. All too frequently the opposite occurs to the detriment of us all.

I believe that we must negotiate solutions, and that cannot be done when we demonize the person on the other side of the table. We cannot blame all of our problems on “the other guy,” ignore our own faults, or refuse to communicate. Common sense dictates we MUST reach out in good faith and work together. As I have campaigned this past six months, that has been a major point I have made and, more importantly, a major point voters have shared with me. They are sick and tired of polarization in our county, demonizing other elected officials, blaming them for Clackamas County‚Äôs problems, hiding behind phony promises of “let the voter decide” while our infrastructure deteriorates more and repairs become ever more costly and the bill gets larger. County commissioners are paid a decent salary “TO DECIDE,” not pander, avoid, and procrastinate.

I have a demonstrated a successful record of getting the job done at Clackamas River Water, working with Democrats and Republicans to turn a once dysfunctional board and embarrassment of Clackamas County into a success. That happened because we worked together, did our homework, communicated the hard decisions to the public, and were open and honest with them.

I promise that I will bring the same energy and values to Clackamas County that I contributed to the water board, and I hope that you will support me in this endeavor,

Thanx, Ken